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Meet Creative COW Contributing Editor: Tobias Lind

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Creative COW Web Writer, Contributing Editor

Tobias Lind
Tobias Lind
Creative Director, Motion FX Studios
Gothenburg, Sweden
Gothenburg,  Sweden

It's always great to be reading the day's posts on the Creative COW and to stumble onto those posts so filled with ideas, creativity and design skill that you immediately want to try out the technique and see where you get with it. Tobias is one of those users whose posts are like this and he always seems to have something brewing in the back of his mind that is just the answer to some other user's question on the COW forums board.

Tobias Lind, aged 35, is the creative director of Motion FX Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has a background in advertising and design, having moved from print design to 3D graphics and motion design in 1993. He has been working with Alias PowerAnimator since the mid 90s -- using it for design and vizualisations for various products and productions. Tobias is also skilled in Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Commotion and to quote him, he "...also dabbles a bit with modeling and animation using ElectricImage and Hash Animation." He says he was looking forward to the release of OSX so that he could add Maya as well.

We are honoured to have Tobias as a part of the Creative COW Team because of both his expertise and his willingness to help others with his insightful answers which he gleans from his own design experience.

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Articles by Tobias Lind

Adobe After Effects
Making Titles or Objects Turn to Smoke and Disappear

Making Titles or Objects Turn to Smoke and Disappear

The illusion of making something go up in smoke tends to be popular all the time. Here Tobias Lind provides a quick tutorial on how to make this happen in After Effects. The result is pretty cool and quite realistic as you'll see for yourself. And it contains no particles.

Tobias Lind
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