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John Lenihan
John Lenihan
Dallas, Texas USA
Dallas, Texas USA

For the first decade of his career, John Lenihan used his Masters in Electrical Engineering education to design transmission controls for General Motors. Then he designed radio frequency transceivers and digital signal processing DSP components of telephone switching equipment for Rockwell. He holds 7 patents. Then he used his MBA from the University of Chicago to market telecommunication equipment for Rockwell and Nortel. He then was COO of an ATM network start-up company followed by President of an EDI start-up company, and General Manager of Scient, one of the first eBusinesses, with over 600 technical consultants worldwide helping firms commercialize their Internet interests.

In 2003 he founded LeniCam Video Productions in suburban Dallas as a part time venture in response to many requests for his help after producing sports videos for his children’s high school activities. Meanwhile he was helping firms like Excel Logistics deliver Maxtor hard drives on time and ServiceMaster develop and implement wireless GPS and handheld Information Technology solutions for field service. They were successfully deployed to over 20,000 Terminix and TruGreen technicians.

As part of LeniCam, he provided IT technology management for the Belo Corporate, helping integrate many diverse sources of customer data and of video and newspaper assets. With LeniCam continuing to grow, John has been devoting full time to its success since 2008. LeniCam has five focus practices.

  1. Corporate (Marketing, PR, HR, Training, Strategy)
  2. Broadcast (Commercials, Documentary, Features)
  3. Sports
  4. Weddings
  5. Events

With the convergence of Internet, wireless, handheld devices, video, voice over IP and the crucial stakes for businesses, John is frequently requested to consult with small, medium, and fortune 500 firms on leveraging new technologies for game changing business strategy, design, and implementation.

You can find John Lenihan hosting in Creative COW's and Sony NXCAM Forum.

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