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Meet Ben Le Tourneau, CreativeCOW Leader

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Ben Le Tourneau
Ben Le Tourneau
United Kingdom
 United Kingdom

Ross Shain says about Ben: Ben is one of the most experienced users out there and would be an asset to the Cow.

As for his bio, Ben writes:

I'm 5 foot 11, three quarters and a little bit. I was reared by a pack of killer cabbage eating turtles, which I decided never quite suited me, but hey it could be worse (really happened). Anyway still being relatively young, 27, I have spent the past 10 years educating, freelancing and working in the VFX industry.

After spending the best part of 6 years at university studying and teaching animation to an MA level,  I decided to get a real job and face the music (it sucked). Anyway like all budding newbees, with a little persistence I managed to get a job at a soho based post production house as a junior animator/runner, that's when it all started.

I then moved on to Imagineer systems, initially as a product specialist, traveling the world teaching, training and consulting on all of Imagineer's great and innovative products. However it wasn't long until Imagineer gave me the opportunity to product design, manage and launch the very successful mocha range.

Now going back to my roots I am working as a head artist for a post production advertisement house in London, as well as constantly freelancing (really need to sleep more).

I specialise in:

All imagineer products, mokey, monet, mocha, motor I'd like to think I'm the planar tracking Yoda
Adobe AE, Premier, Photoshop and illustrator.
And Final Cut Pro
Softimage XSI

I have just become a father to Blake Le Tourneau and life is some what crazy now (another reason why I can't sleep more). He is 3 months old and has just recited the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. My wife was confused! I do love a good theory.

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