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Ken LaRue
Ken LaRue
Chicago, Illinois USA
Chicago, Illinois USA

Ken La Rue has been in the computer graphics industry for the past 25 years. He was the Art Director for an advertising company in Chicago named Don Craig Design for 13 years before jumping into the video and motion graphic industry in 1998. He was the Creative Director for Technical Animations and Video were besides his production of video projects for clients in the corporate world he also wrote, produced and presented training videos and DVDs for both Combustion and 3ds max.

In 2003 he started his own company The Street Productions, Inc. which offered consulting, training and services in video editing, compositing, 3D animation and graphic design. He also continued to create training DVDs for Combustion.

2003 he became a Combustion DTS (Discreet Training Specialist). He worked as a contractor as a Combustion demo artist for Autodesk at trade show such as NAB, Siggraph and DVExpo. Ken has taught compositing and special effect classes at DePaul University in Chicago, IL and a variety of Autodesk resellers and training centers around the world.

In 2004 he became a full time employee for Autodesk as Combustion Application Engineer. Over the years Ken has been an Application Engineer for Autodesk focusing on Flame, Smoke and Toxix/Composite. His responsibilities were to train and support clients using Autodesk compositing software. He also worked as a special consultant at companies such as Disney Animation Studio in Burbank and EA Game in Vancouver. In 2011 Ken took the role of Autodesk Smoke Technical Marketing Manager.

His artist abilities go beyond the computer; he also loves to paint and has created paintings and murals for commercial and residential clients in the Chicago area.

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