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Keith Larsen
Keith Larsen
Connecticut Final Cut Pro Users Group
Middlesex, Connecticut USA
Middlesex, Connecticut USA

Keith Larsen has been working professionally in the field of video and multimedia for 10 years. During that time, he says that "I've been trying to stay current with the rapidly changing face of the industry -- it's been quite a challenge." Keith also works as the technical support specialist and production tutor at Middlesex Community College, near his home in Connecticut. His work with students has given him a better insight into what newer people in the industry have trouble adapting to and that is what motivated him to co-found the Connecticut FCP Users Group with Doug Allardice.

In the beginning, Keith used Umatic 3/4" video tape, then moving to BetaCam SP, dabbled in Panasonic M II, S-VHS, and now primarily works with the DVCAM and mini DV format and related hardware. Keith started editing traditionally with a Sony BVE-900 A/B Roll editor and has since used NLE's such as ImMIX Videocube, Scitex Sphere, AVID, and has been with Final Cut Pro since version 1.0. "Attending trade-shows, reading trade magazines and sharing with other professionals in user groups and online forums keeps you as up to speed as you can stand," he says.

Keith has worked on many award-winning longform corporate training and sales videos over the last decade but also has worked on PSA's, commercials, short films, and even wrote and directed a feature-length comedy that he is still finishing up.

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