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Creative Cow forum leader: Greg LeCle

COW Leaders : Greg LaCle
Creative COW Forum Host, Web Writer, Contributing Editor

Greg LaCle  Netherlands

As Creative Cow continues to grow as a strong resource for 3D animators, it is only natural that the team covering Discreet's powerful 3ds max, would develop with a strong international flair. With the original founding hosts, George Polevoy and Barend Onneweer, hailing from Russia and The Netherlands respectively -- it's only fitting that the third member to join the team would hail from lands far away. "Greg discovered the Creative Cow site and soon began making his presence known there through his helpful posts and creative suggestions," says Creative Cow's director, Kathlyn Lindeboom. "When I wrote and asked if he'd like to join the team, I had to smile as he was another great international artist -- we seem to be gaining quite a reputation within the international 3D community. Greg originally hails from the Caribbean island of Aruba ( a Dutch colony) and today is the creative director for Asylum Studios in the Netherlands. And we are delighted that he's now a part of the Cow team. He brings a great deal of experience and enthusiasm to the team."

Greg has studied architecture for six years, twoof which were in Aruba. At the age of 23 he moved to Miami, Florida to continue his study of architecture at Florida International University. "Right from the beginning of my studies I discovered my interest in 3D graphics and New Media Designs," says Greg. "So throughout my college years, I managed to learn many 3D software programs including Macromedia (since version 3) and develop my Flash skills on my own by reading books and with the help of internet tutorials. I also had the opportunity to attend Siggraph conferences to enhance my knowledge and there I met other professionals in the 3D business."

About his education Greg comments: "The most important thing that I learned in college, besides discipline, was to be able to develop my conceptual skills and concept theory -- whether it be drawing, art sculpture, architectural design or other design disciplines. I like to design in a way that the initial concept morphs into a more refined final piece. Along the design process there could be trial and error and that could lead to new discoveries. This is closely related to an old Chinese proverb which is something like 'A problem is an opportunity looked at the wrong way'."

In 2001, Greg moved to the Netherlands and started his own company: VisualAsylum Studios. "We are a network of talented people that work together on multiple 3D design and Multimedia projects," remarks Greg. "We provide a whole series of Visualization, Multimedia and Design services. I am also a Moderator on the DFXstudios.com graphics forum."

About his hobbies, Greg is interested in:

  • Favorite Music: Trance, Ambient, Drum&Bass, Grunge, Rock, New Age.
  • Favorite Movies: The Matrix, Unbreakable, Gladiator, Star Wars
  • Inspired by Artist: Naum Gabo & Antoine Pevsner (Constructivism, Russia 1920)
  • Hobbies includes Scuba Diving, Skydiving, Water skiing, Paintball, Playing Guitar and Martial Arts (Aikido & jujitsu).

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Greg LaCle
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