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Meet Mike Kujbida

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Mike Kujbida
Mike Kujbida
St. Clair College
Windsor, Ontario Canada
Windsor, Ontario Canada

Mike began his career in the video industry upon college graduation in 1974 as an Audio-Visual Equipment Technician. He got a job as the TV Studio maintenance tech at St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario (Canada) in July of that year. It didn't take long before he realized that production was what he was really interested in.

He worked at the college for the next 15 years and spent a lot of time working with students helping them on their projects as well as helping t produce a number of training and recruiting videos for the college.

Mike left St. Clair in 1989 to take the job of staff producer for the newly-formed Video Training Unit of the Windsor Police Service. Over the next 15 years, he produced a large number of training videos for the local police department as well as assisting other local law enforcement agencies in the production of videos that went across the province, the country and, in some cases, internationally.

Mike KujbidaDue to budget cuts, he was let go in the spring of 2004 but, due to a retirement, was able to get his old job back at St. Clair College where he is now a Staff Producer for the Media Production Services department.

Once again, this role encompasses working with students as well as faculty and staff in producing a wide range of videos.

Mike was first introduced to Vegas when it was version 1.0, an audio-only app, and he needed a tool for audio sweetening as the 3/4" machines he was working with at the time were limited to 2 tracks. He's stayed with it over the years and has upgraded with each new release.

He uses Vegas at the college in several edit suites and finds that it's ease of use for students makes his work day just a wee bit easier.

Besides his day job, Mike has also done a lot of free-lance work ranging from local production companies, local cable, the Little Brown Jug (the Kentucky Derby of harness racing), various national telethons and even The Antiques Road Show (as an Asst. Stage Manager) when it was in Toronto.

Mike is married with 2 young daughters and is currently taking woodworking as a hobby.
You can find Mike Kujbida hosting in Creative COW's and VEGAS Pro Forum.

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