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Matt Klundt
Matt Klundt
Aberdeen, South Dakota USA
Aberdeen, South Dakota USA

Matt Klundt is originally from the small town of Gackle, ND. He went to college at NSU in Aberdeen, SD. While not having fun in any of the business courses (except for Statistics), Matt decided to try some of the Art Department's computer-aided courses. He switched majors the following semester. Discontent with the regular course load, Matt learned Flash in his spare time. He has been using it steadily since 2001, with a major focus on creating games. Matt's other professional experience has been behind the camera as cinematographer and editor of many video projects and short films.

Currently, Matt is working at McQuillen Design Associates in downtown Aberdeen, developing all Flash materials, websites, and cinematography. You can contact him at matt@mcquillendesign.com or visit the site http://www.mcquillendesign.com.

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