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Samir Kharchi
Samir Kharchi
the3ddesigner: Plugins & Graphic Design
Wolfsburg, Germany
Wolfsburg,  Germany

Samir Kharchi got in contact with Cinema 4D almost 2 years ago, when he was twenty years old. He started as an "usual" artist trying to get to know Cinema 4D for modeling, texturing and animation purposes. After quite some time he came across Cinema 4D´s own programming and expression language C.O.F.F.E.E. that caught his interest very quickly. He started learning and using this programming language to help making modeling and animation easier for himself.

Almost 1 year ago in April 2002, Samir opened his own little company with the aim to create plugins for Cinema 4D, its users and especially to improve the quality of the Cinema 4D core application with these plugins. With the Release 8 of Cinema 4D, Samir started using C++ for his plugins instead of the more "primitive"C.O.F.F.E.E. language, for C++ opened new doors to him and his plugin development.

Beside all his programming work, Samir is still an active user of Cinema 4D, especially as a modeler and texturer. He is well-known in the german, french and english (postforum) community and now wants to share all his graphics and programming experience with the Cowmunity, too.

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