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Jim Kelty: Creative Cow Indie Film and Documentaries forum host

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Creative COW Web Writer, Contributing Editor

Jim Kelty
Jim Kelty
James Kelty & Associates
Cambria, California USA
Cambria, California USA

"We've known Jim Kelty since mid-1997 when we sold our Media 100xs and Jim's company bought the system from us. We've talked alot over the years since then and have become good friends," says Creative Cow's Ron Lindeboom."He's a very creative guy and he loves great historically accurate documentaries and his storytelling is very imaginative -- since both Kathlyn and I are 'History Channel Junkies' we have a lot in common with Jim. Recently, Jim wrote and published an historical novel, 'Ragged Point,' and it is a magnificent murder mystery that spans 400 years of California history. Its story ranges from the days of the little known Salinan Indians of Central California, through the days of the Padres, into the 1800s and then into modern times. Woven around issues of cultural clashes and the destruction of the environment, he pits all sides of the story in a murder mystery with an ending that will definitely surprise you. We are very proud to know Jim and we are doubly glad to have him finally join the Cow Team as a part of our Independent Film and Documentaries forum. He'll give some great insights there, I am sure."

Jim is a Telly Award-winning filmmaker whose works have shown on A&E and other major cable networks. He has worked with the State of California on many projects over the years and his work has been featured in major permanent exhibits for the California State Museum -- such as in the three-screen presentation seen here that greets visitors in the "California Experience." He won a Muse Award for his work on this project.

Jim has also created a series called "California Legacy" which dramatizes stories from California History, filmed on location at authentic sites in California's State Historic Parks. The series is aligned with the California History Social Science Framework and Standards for the fourth grade. Begun as a celebration of the California Gold Rush to Statehood Sesquicentennial, the series continues as a lasting tribute to the diverse peoples who contributed to the building of the Golden State. Having won a first prize Telly Award in 1997, the series currently reaches over 800,000 California fourth graders annually through agreements with public school licensing agencies, and has aired on regional television networks around the country.

In 1999, James Kelty & Associates produced "Golden Moments in California History," a series of public service spots celebrating California's Gold Rush to Statehood Sesquicentennial. The spots were produced under the combined authority of California State Parks, the USDA Forest Service, and the California State Gold Rush to Statehood Sesquicentennial Commission established by the Governor.

Today, Jim's company is built around the Pinnacle Cinewave system using Final Cut Pro to edit their productions.


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