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Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson
Johnson Creative Group
Burbank, California USA
Burbank, California USA

Kelly Johnson graduated from OSU in 1991 with a BFA in Graphic Design but only after comtemplating a professional music career. He's played the guitar for 22 years and still does when he isn't involved pushing pixels around.

Most of his background has been in print and traditional media for B-2-B ad agencies, but he jumped into the internet when a client was interested in having a 'home page' way back in 1996.

Since then, Kelly has dabbled in various internet and interactive technologies alongside learning the ins/outs and advancing capabilities of offset litho-printing and various other printing processes.

He is a recent InDesign convert, despite working for a Quark Beta testing company in the past. However, he is keeping his chops up in both to ensure whatever clients come along can be handled appropriately.

He is proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, InDesign, Quark and various minor applications.

Though his primary passion is the frustration of learning to pick a new Jerry Reed or Chet Atkins tune, the pixel landscape remains a fresh incentive for Kelly.

You can find Kelly Johnson hosting in Creative COW's and Adobe InDesign Forum.

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