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Jason Jenkins
Jason Jenkins
Seattle, Washington USA
Seattle, Washington USA

Jason Jenkins was born in Everett, Washington but raised on the untamed shores of Lake Shoecraft by an aging cobbler and his band of merry elves. (Well, some of that is true.)
At an early age, Jason was bitten (more like swallowed) by the video bug (fast forwarding) and shortly thereafter founded Flowmotion Media, a resourceful video production boutique.

Oh yes, he did get his BA in Digital Arts & Filmmaking as well as doing time as a midnight dubber at a Seattle production company where he gleaned a glorious amount of techno-knowledge about patch panels, video signals and formats... whew!

Jason divides his time between shooting, editing, family and surfing creativecow.net (which typically leaves little time for sleep).

He remains friends with both the cobbler and the elves to this day.

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Rodelink Wireless Filmmaker Kit: Worth the Savings?

Rodelink Wireless Filmmaker Kit: Worth the Savings?

When a customer inquire about the Wireless Filmmaker Kit, investigation reveals that the Rodelink lav mics have been updated for better shielding

Jason Jenkins
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