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Pieter Helsen
Pieter Helsen
Westerlo, Belgium
Westerlo,  Belgium

Born in 1986, I started my career in Flash in 2001. Gradually getting to know the tools I hopped over to Actionscript with the release of Flash MX.

In 2005, I got onto the Actionscript 2 bandwagon with the release of Flash 8, skipping over Flash MX2004, mainly because I disliked the new interface.

Since then my fields of interest have expanded and now also include Flash Lite for the design of Mobile content and Flex.

With the introduction of AS3 in Flash CS3, I am currently trying to educate myself in the finer arts of Object Oriented Programming.

Currently, I am unemployed and trying to attain my Master's Degree in Communication & Multimedia Design. I do occassionally freelance for my previous employer, Markee, mainly as a PHP/Flash developer.

You can find Pieter posting as "Doccie."

The picture to the right shows Pieter on an elevator overlooking Lisbon Harbor.

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