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Danny Hays
Danny Hays
Orlando, Florida USA
Orlando, Florida USA

Well, what can I say about myself?  I'm a musician that got into digital as soon as I saw a computer record audio.

I work at Universal Studios in Orlando, in the Universal Orlando Technical Services, Show Systems dept. We use Vegas Pro for audio and video editing and upgrading our ride and show videos as needed. We have upgraded our T23D preshow video from six rear projection tv video walls to single high def projectors with single rear projection screens, as well as the queue line video when we replaced the old CRT tvs with LCD flat panels. A little pic in pic to keep the original video in the 4x3 aspect ratio, some backgound graphics and some spinning logos, and closed captioning on a media generated strip. Made it look modern, like a news channel while keeping it in theme with the high tech show.  Universal Studios Hollywood is also using the video in their preshow.

I also get to work with some top end video servers, DVS Pronto 2K and 4K in some of our new venues, up to four times the resolution of HD 1920 x 1080, and at sixty progressive frames per second . One has a 24 drive raid 0 array for the source video. Thats some really cool stuff to work with.
In my home studio I focus on chroma keying. I'm  a green screen fanatic, experimenting with every chomakey, Vectorkey software I can demo. I'm going to start a music video project soon where I play all the instruments along with myself using the green screen . It will take a lot of work but it will be a great learning experience.


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