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Meet James Green, Creativecow.net Contributing Editor

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James Green
James Green
Digital Serenity
Corpus Christi, Texas USA
Corpus Christi, Texas USA

James Green is a 28 year old, full time college student living in Corpus Christi, Texas. After graduating high school he put off college and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps for six years. James is majoring in Journalism and Radio and Television Production at the local community college and with plans to transfer to a four year university where he will major in theatre and film.

James has started his own production company called Digital Serenity where he hopes to integrate audio/visual work with freelance graphic design and newspaper and magazine layout.

He's shot several commercials, public service announcements for radio and television and a short form documentary about a communications technology program at one of the area high schools. He's also worked on several music videos -- one for the local band Latin Talk which aired on the local Univision affiliate.

James helped produce a short film with Nightcreature Productions and is currently helping them with post production and visual effects on a feature length project. He also runs sound for news spots during Del Mar Now, a local production which airs on Time Warner Cable channel 19.

James' interests are far ranging -- encompassing all aspects of production for the visual medium but he has a tendency towards editing and visual effects, although James says he's still in the learning process in the visual effects area.

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Sony Vegas
Compositing Images in a Bubble in Vegas Video

Compositing Images in a Bubble in Vegas Video

The primary aim of this tutorial will be to create a composite image of a bubble with moving/still images inside. The secondary objective is to demonstrate to the user the convergence of 3D modeling with compositing and non linear editing applications. James Green will demonstrate that this is a very basic but useful composite that is designed to provoke creative thought towards potential applications.

James Green
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