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Meet Fred Ginsburg, CreativeCOW Contributing Editor

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Creative COW Contributing Editor

Fred Ginsburg
Fred Ginsburg
Los Angeles, California USA
Los  Angeles, California USA

Fred Ginsburg C.A.S. Ph.D. MBKS is the boss of VideoEditSystems.com, a division of Equipment Emporium Inc. (Fred’s other company) and distributes the VES/Delta series video editing system, designed to run Avid Liquid and Avid Media Composer. VideoEditSystems.com is proud to be a reseller of SmartSound products.

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SmartSound - Sonicfire Pro
Using SmartSound in Liquid

Using SmartSound in Liquid

In this article, CreativeCOW.net contributing editor Fred Ginsburg gives Avid Liquid editors some tips on how to use SmartSound within their editing system. This article was written in response to questions that came up from members of the San Fernando Valley Liquid Users Group.

Fred Ginsburg
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