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Marcus Geduld
Marcus Geduld
New York City, New York USA
New York City, New York USA

Marcus Geduld lives in New York City with his wife, actress Lisa Blankenship. Together, the founded Folding Chair Classical Theatre, Inc. in 2001. Marcus acts as Artistic Director. When he's not in rehearsals, he works as a writer, programmer and teacher. Marcus has spoken at MacWorld, NAB Post Production World and the Editor's Retreat. He has written columns and reviews for Layers Magazine, Photoshop User Magazine and others. His books include "After Effects Expressions" and "After Effects For Flash, Flash For After Effects," which he co-wrote with Richard Harrington. Marcus has taught design, editing and programming classes at many companies, including all the major TV Networks, Discovery Channel, The New Yorker Magazine, The New York Times, The Gap, Revlon, The Mayors Office and HBO. He is Senior Actionscript Developer for Zeitbyte.com.

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Adobe After Effects

When Marcus Gedult teaches After Effects, students often ask him if there's a way to make letters fly onto the screen from multiple directions and form a word. They want to avoid animating each letter on a separate layer and can you blame them? In this tutorial, Marcus demonstrates a couple of techniques that will do the job, one of which uses Path Text; the other uses Particle Playground.

Marcus Geduld
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