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Ty Ford
Ty Ford
Maryland USA
Maryland USA

Ty Ford
Ty Ford
My mother bought me my first tape recorder when I was nine years old. Seventeen years of major market, on-air radio performance plus being the Production Director at every station, handling the writing, voicing and production of hundreds if not thousands of commercials and promo announcements; that was my first career.

In 1986, I left broadcasting to pursue writing, audio production and AFTRA/SAG talent work. My long hours in the on-air and production studio paid off. I quickly became one of the top 5% of voice talents in the Baltimore/Washington market.

I own and operate a digital audio recording studio (and thanks to FCP and a fast G5, a video editing suite) in which I record and produce spoken word and music for video, radio and TV commercials and the web. I also produce music projects, mix live sound and work as a location audio recorder and mixer for film and video shoots.

I’ve written two books; "Advanced Audio Production Techniques" and "Ty Ford’s Audio Bootcamp Field Guide." I re-wrote the NAB’s handbook on radio commercial copywriting and have twice updated the microphone chapter in the weighty NAB Engineering Reference Manual.

I write commissioned articles about audio, video, and the people who produce audio and video for trade magazines and on line ezines. I am never bored. Google "Ty Ford Audio Talent" and you’ll find more than you want to know. Also try www.tyford.com.

I consider Nick Griffin an old friend. He lives about two miles from me.

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