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Stuart Ferreyra
Stuart Ferreyra
West Los Angeles, California USA
West Los Angeles, California USA

I started my career in the entertainment industry in 1992 at the age of 18 after leaving medical school. Yes, I could have been a doctor by age 24. My mother still talks about it once in a while...

To be honest, I had no idea what to do. I was looking for something - anything. One day, I heard about someone "making" commercials and I was intrigued. I went to the best school in Lima (I was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Peru) and got transfered.

From that point on, it has been a blast. On my second year in Communications, I figured out a way to work as a roadie and sound engineer assistant. The hard work paid off when I landed a job as the lead sound engineer at one of the best concert houses in Lima, Peru.

Soon after that I graduated and was already touring with various rock bands. I also produced a variety of small TV shows for the Peruvian government TV network.

By It was 1995, I was 21, living a bit of the rock n' roll lifestyle but I wanted out. So I decided to get my American passport, sell everything I owned and relocate to Los Angeles.

When I arrived, I did not speak any English, had $350 dollars in my pocket, a suitcase and a promise to myself to work hard to become successful. For the first few years I worked installing floors, cleaning carpets, studied English at night and rode a bicycle summers and winters because I had no money for a bus ticket much less for a car.

In 1997, I got a duplication job loading and unloading VHS decks. After months of bugging my boss to give me a chance to edit, he finally agreed and soon after I became a junior editor. 

In 2001, I had the crazy idea to start an editing business. I had no money, no clients, no business knowledge. I didn't think how it could be done. I just did it.

An Avid system was way out of reach (back then the starting price was $125K), so it was decided to got the cheapest route with a Mac, a couple of monitors, FCP v.1, an Aurora Igniter card, and a small one room office in West Los Angeles. The plan was to keep the full time job and build the business on the weekends.

The lease was signed in early September 2001. A few days later, New York was attacked, the whole entertainment industry just stopped.  I was laid off. There were no jobs and now there were office expenses. The next two years were really tough.

I had to adjust to the market. Somehow, there was a soaring demand for DVD authoring. So I got DVD Studio Pro. v1.5 and bought a used DLT drive with the last chunk of savings. I scored 1 project and worked so well that it turned into a few years worth of work and with it a change of luck.

Since then the business has grown steadily, especially for someone who started with nothing in a very difficult period for everyone in this country.

Today, the business has a strong niche with independent filmmakers, documentarians and companies producing a wide variety of TV shows for the for both the English and Spanish markets. We offer specialized services in online, color correction, finishing and mastering. Our professional work has contributed to many award wining projects for the largest film festivals and successful TV shows and documentaries for Discovery, PBS, History Channel, Food Network, TruTV, Velocity, Utilisima, MTV, Fuse, IFC, TLC and many more.

And me? Well, I spend a lot of time running the studio, color grading and onlining projects for Timecode MultimediaI am also involved in the development of digital content for the company and also work as a contract colorist and online editor in Southern California and South America.


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