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Marc-Andre Ferguson
Marc-Andre Ferguson
Montreal, Quebec Canada
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Marc Andre Ferguson

Director, editor, trainer and consultant, I have been involved in the film and video industry since 1995. After launching Production Imagène, one of Montreal's first production and postproduction «boutique», I spent the next five years discovering the wonderful world of postproduction. Since 2000, Luminance has been my springboard for various projects, from traditional directing and editing to visual effects and broadcast design.

Throughout those years, I also got involved with several companies around the world as a consultant and trainer, delivering Apple Certified training across Canada and the US, empowering digital filmmakers as demo artist for RED Digital Cinema and enabling new workflows for broadcasting the Tour de France in Canada, to name a few projects.

In 2008, I was approached by Autodesk to help them port Smoke to the Mac platform, which has been a great success. From 2009 to 2011, I was Director of Technology at Trio Orange, empowering our creators with cutting edge technology to bring home our own special blend of entertainment.

Now, I'm back at Autodesk to spread the word about the new Smoke. Find out where it fits in your production workflow!

Marc-André Ferguson
Smoke Industry Manager
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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