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Darby Edelen
Darby Edelen
Santa Cruz, California USA
Santa Cruz, California USA

Darby Edelen majored in Film & Digital Media at the University of California at Santa Cruz. He was hired just out of college to work as a Designer at Left Coast Digital, a Santa Cruz, CA commercial post-production and DVD authoring facility.

In his time working at Left Coast Digital he's enjoyed working on DVDs including Defenders of the Earth Vol. 2, Dungeons & Dragons, He-man and the Masters of the Universe, The Secrets of Isis and Hero High.  He also works to produce motion graphics in TV spots and outdoor advertising for a variety of Left Coast Digital clients.

Darby is a seasoned user of Adobe After Effects (6 years) and Adobe Photoshop (10 years).

Darby's personal professional interests (ok, maybe obsessions) lie in compositing, visual fx, and color, as in the science, management and correction of.

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