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Michael Duff
Michael Duff
Bearcage Productions
Canberra, Australian Capitol Territory Australia
Canberra, Australian Capitol Territory Australia

I have been involved in the television/film industry for around 6 years ... although my interest in television and technology has been around for as long as I can remember. I was one of those kids that would pull apart the family television and then struggle to get it back together again.

I completed high school in 2000 at a small school in country NSW and then made my way to the very axial city of Canberra to study for a Degree in Communications (media/multimedia production). At this time I also started working at a small community cinema as a film projectionist and continued some part time work in an electronics store. I don't do much projectionist work now but I found that to be a really enjoyable job ... although I can't sit through a film now without noticing every single cue marker and counting down to the next one in my head.

Three blurry years later I was graduating and was lucky enough to pick up a full-time job at Southern Cross Ten, a television station in Canberra. I spent about two and half years there doing the post work on local TVCs and was lucky enough to spend most of my days working away on After Effects and the Pinnacle Liquid NLE's. When I wasn't working on AE I was doing broadcast dubs or cutting on the old Lightworks VIP NLE. I learnt a lot about television production and broadcast at SCT and am still in close contact with many of the people there.

I'm now working as a Broadcast Designer at Bearcage Productions. I work with a very creative team and am lucky enough to be in a position where I am learning something new every day. After Effects is still the application of choice along with the usual lot of FCP, DVDSP and so on, and I am now working on corporate videos and documentaries as well as TVCs.

When I can find a little spare time I love to go SCUBA diving, especially if I can take a camera down with me, and more recently I have got into mountain bike riding to stay fit.

I have a budgie named Tommy and a rabbit named Toffee.

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