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Meet Marek Doszla: CreativeCOW Contributing Editor

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Creative COW Web Writer, Contributing Editor

Marek Doszla
Marek Doszla
Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw,  Poland

Today you will find Marek Doszla working with a small but talented and very creative group of people at a studio in Paris, France, called La F@KTORY. La F@KTORY specializes in multimedia and digital video. This was streamlined after several years of creating CD-Rom's and now they are continuing with the wonderful technology of DVD-Video.

With all the fabulous technology available today, Marek's personal choice is the Apple DVD Studio-Pro for DVD authoring and Adobe After Effects with Maxon Cinema 4D for CGI animations and DVD artwork & motion menus.

Marek's many references in multimedia include such names (in historical order) as: V.S.D., Young & Rubicam, France Agricole, Voyager, Matra-Hachette, Warner, Olivetti, Marie-Claire, Larousse, Compuserve, Hachette-Fillipachi-Grolier, ELLE, Velux, Ferrero, Hermès…

He's an Apple Expert, pending Adobe Certified Expert in After Effects, Macromedia Expert in Director/Lingo. Marek's homeland is Poland and he still maintains a citizenship. He was a student of Mathematics in Poland for two years at Polytechnic of Warsaw. Once in France, after three years of U=RxI and E=mc2, he graduated as an Engineer of renowned Supelec.

His past includes working at Shlumberger, for eight years in R & D and as evangelist of Vax/Vms and DBMS & CAO, at Applicon for one year in Ann-Arbor, Michigan, as software developer, and at Renault, for 3 years in artificial intelligence : Lisp, Expert Systems.

Besides finding Marek working in front of his computer, he may pursue other interests and hobbies which include Photography, traveling, and CGI. Oh, and he says that he loves his CreativeCOW tee shirt.

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Articles by Marek Doszla

Adobe After Effects
Animating a Butterfly

Animating a Butterfly

In this tutorial, Marek Doszla shows how to animate a butterfly in After Effects 5.5 starting from a digital picture. Marek puts it in the category of After Effects experiment, however he uses some sophisticated features of After Effects as 3D space, expressions and time remapping that could be useful to beginners or even advanced users in motion graphics.

Marek Doszla
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