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Meet Tielman Dewaele

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Creative COW Web Writer, Contributing Editor

Tielman Dewaele
Tielman Dewaele
Bruges, Belgium
Bruges,  Belgium

Tielman is a freelance editor, motion designer and is working as a freelancer in various video companies.

He also does some projects at his 'office', -- generally After Effects work. Visuals in bars, clubs & restaurant on their flat-screen televisions is pretty popular these days, so that's generally what he finds himself doing.

At the moment, Tielman is making a surf movie for Team Tunafish called Awesome, Freedome, Threesome, about three Belgian surfers who are travelling the world for some nicer surf than is on the coast of Belgium.

Tielman is filming, editing and motion designing the entire project. Look for it on DVD this summer.

Tielman also enjoys making music videos -- whatever the job -- directing, grip, editing,..

Besides working behind the monitors, he likes to travel, collect movies, listen to music, draw, skateboard when possible and get wasted on the weekends.

On the cowforums you can find him as Mr T.

Contact at info@tworks.be

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In this tutorial, CreativeCOW Contributing Editor Tielman Dewaele demonstrates a quick way to position layers into a ring, with null objects and animate them with another null.

Tielman Dewaele
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