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Federico Dedeu
Federico Dedeu
Johannesburg, South Africa
Johannesburg,  South Africa

I started my design career in 1998 as an interactive designer and have quickly moved through the design arena into motion graphics and 3d broadcast animation.


I have worked for DDB South Africa, an ad agency, where I was able to grow and further my skills in motion graphics and design. Currently I am employed at Aqua Online in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I am one of the senior interactive designers in charge of the many great accounts we have, as well as being in charge of any motion graphics and 3D work.


I plan to make broadcast animation and motion graphics my daily work as soon as I am able to complete my reel, but there are very few places locally where I can look at for employment so I might have to leave this beautiful sunny country or jump in and go solo.

My skills are quite diverse encompassing the usual web packages and my favourite programs such as Discreet Combustion and Discreet 3D MAX.

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Articles by Federico Dedeu

Autodesk Combustion
Changing the Image in Particles

Changing the Image in Particles

In this tutorial, Federico Dedeu demonstrates an interesting text effect using the particle generator and the text effect.

Federico Dedeu
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