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Creative Cow forum host: Bob Currier

COW Leaders : Bob Currier
Creative COW Forum Host

Bob Currier
Bob Currier
Synthetic Aperture
San Juan Capistrano, California USA
San Juan Capistrano, California USA

"I've always had the deepest respect for Bob Currier," says Creative Cow's Ron Lindeboom. "He's one of the most insightful people in this industry. He has a longtime reputation for bringing users some of the most practical, well-written and useful plug-ins around. His Video Finesse plug-in for Adpbe Premiere was once my Number One pick in my article 'Five Must Haves for Adobe Premiere.' It's powers brought the kinds of color and signal controls you find in Avid Symphony systems. Today, his new 'Color Finesse' is doing the same for After Effects users -- only this time he's bringing the kinds of color correction and controls that you find in systems like DaVinci. As I said, Bob doesn't play around and his work sets new standards in whatever new market segment into which he goes."

Bob is the founder of Synthetic Aperture, which also created and markets the popular EchoFire plug-in for Photoshop and After Effects users. EchoFire allowed users to preview their projects on broadcast monitors through the Firewire port.

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