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Peter Constan-Tatos
Peter Constan-Tatos
Midrand, South Africa
Midrand,  South Africa

As Peter tells us, "After many years of traditional electrical engineering experience, primarily in nuclear power station construction and high voltage cable design, I followed my thenpart time interest in robotics and photography to eventually establish 'Reflex Motion Control' with friend Campbell Stuart-Watson, who had extensive video production experience." Over the past dozen or more years, they have worked with most of South Africa's major directors and production companies, and Reflex remains South Africa's only locally based motion control service. You can find him in CreativeCOW.net's Stereoscopic 3D forum.

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Stereoscopic 3D
5D 3D

5D 3D

A South African team applies the robotic motion-control expertise it has gained in live-action production to stop-motion shooting of stereographic motion plates on a 14:1 miniature set.

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Peter Constan-tatos
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