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Steve Connor
Steve Connor
United Kingdom
 United Kingdom

Steve Connor first started in Film and Video in 1988, when a band he was playing guitar with made a low budget music video. From then on in he was hooked. Steve attended a Video Production Course at Brooklands College here in the UK, as soon as the course was over, he got hold of two Panasonic Industrial SVHS Machines, an MX10 Mixer and a 3 chip SVHS Camera and immediately (and probably very stupidly at the time) set up on his own.

Steve then spent the next 3 years making low budget corporate videos, music videos and the obligatory Wedding videos. He would shoot and edit as well as occasionally directing and writing - He feels he certainly learned the hard way.

In 1993 Steve moved up a notch and set up another production Company with a friend from college, based out of Shepperton Studios. They produced mainly low budget music videos, many of which Steve directed, that were mainly shot on 16mm, and edited on Beta SP. Of that time, Steve says, "I had lusted after SP for all the time I was working with SVHS, so I was now in hog heaven."

When Steve was at Shepperton, another company bought one of the first Avids in the UK and after spending a couple of hours with it he was hooked. At this point he directed his first documentary for video release, on an old World War 2 Bomber. Aviation and Military programmes would then come to be a large part of the work he did right up to the present day.

Steve has directed and edited dozens of documentaries for a broad range of clients including Discovery Europe, the History Channel and Speedvision.

Interspersed with this has been the usual corporate programmes as event and conference videos.

Steve says, "I have used a wide variety of NLE systems apart from Avid, including Lightworks, Premiere, D-Vision (remember?), FAST Video Machine, Incite and my current love Final Cut Pro."

Two years ago Steve became managing editor of a comapny called Cardinal Broadcast here in the UK based at the historic Bray Film Studios, " It's the former home of the Hammer House of Horrors, in fact one of our suites is based in Christopher Lee’s old office" laughs Steve.

Last year they installed a fantastic HD suite based around FCP HD ( see his profile for specs) and he has been lucky enough to be involved with three documentaries, a music video and three short films all shot on different flavours of HD.

HD in all its different versions, has reinvigorated his interest in the industry and Steve feels it is a fantastic challenge and opportunity for all of us.

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