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Meet Johnny Clark

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Johnny Clark
Johnny Clark
Madison, Wisconsin USA
Madison, Wisconsin USA

Media is such an awesome tool that has become a way for virtually anyone to creatively express there ideas.  I dig all sorts of technology but sound and video are my favorites.  I began a recording studio in 2003, right out of high school, while attending college to become an electrical engineer. After several years and many math classes I decided to invest more time doing what I liked, recording and producing.  Along the way I discovered video.  I found it even more exciting to express myself through creative videos.  Currently the studio is making the transition from strictly audio to a full-blown production studio. Recording albums, writing and producing television commercials, writing and revising screenplays and soundtracks, directing, what could be more fun? 

I started cruising Creative Cow a while back when I needed some serious answers.  CC has always been a great resource for me and I hope to pass that help along with my experience with JVC products, specifically the ProHD cameras.  I feel that JVC has a wonderful product for ‘serious’ beginning storytellers in their Pro Camcorder lineup.   There are some real ‘masters’ out there like Paolo Ciccone and Tim Dashwood who are an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to the ProHD cams.  I hope to pass along any help or solutions that may help the next guy down the road. I find myself to be a creative and helpful individual. I’ll try to help any way I can.

Pet Peeves: Bad Audio / Know-it-All’s / Arrogance

Best Movies: Pan's Labyrinth / Children of Men / Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1957)

Gear I use:
Apple Computers
Pro Tools HD
JVC HD100u
Fujinon 13x HD Lens
Vintech X73
Universal Audio 6176
API 3124 / 2500
Microphones: Sennheiser / Peluso / AKG / HEIL
Mackie HR824 monitors

Madison, Wisconsin

Johnny.j2c AT gmail DOT com

You can find Johnny Clark hosting in Creative COW's and JVC cameras/decks Forum.

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