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Creative Cow Contributing Editor: Christopher Cherubini

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Creative COW Web Writer, Contributing Editor

Christopher Cherubini
Christopher Cherubini
Connecticut USA
Connecticut USA


I would like to start by saying that I have done a lot in my life. I have been on my own since I was 17, working various jobs ranging from HVAC to moving people's furniture. I also grew up in the family business building boats, learning a wide range of skills including welding, woodworking and fiberglass.

During this time up until I reached the age of 24, I was pursuing a life as a musician and a painter. Needless to say this life of wandering and poverty didn’t get me very far. This was when I discovered computer graphics.

While attending the animation program at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, I did very well, graduating in 1997 at the top of my class. I was a peer tutor, as well as volunteer at the Franklin Institute. I generally tried to help out whom ever, when ever I could.

Currently I work in Connecticut as a Lead 3d Artist for Vivande-Universal. Together with my best friend Dave Chiapperino, I co-built a 3D department for a company that was 100% 2D cell animation. Now we are 100% 3D animation.

Who knows where life will lead me next...

Articles by Christopher Cherubini

Impressionist Paint FX using Fur

Impressionist Paint FX using Fur

Have you ever thought that you'd like to create something like a painted effect in Maya, but that you didn't want to use Paint Effects? In this tutorial, Christopher Cherubini demonstrates using Fur to create an Impressionist look to the scene. The theory behind this method is to drive the color of your shader, and in turn your fur without lights, putting all the lighting control into the shader.

Christopher Cherubini
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