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Meet Guillaume Charron, CreativeCOW Contributing Editor

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Guillaume Charron
Guillaume Charron
Montreal, Canada
Montreal,  Canada

Guillaume Charron Is an autodidact from Montreal. His life experiences and hands on experience have brought him great knowledge in the field. He continues to grow everyday and likes learning new things. All his experience good and bad has come from day to day learning and not from a special school.

A couple years ago, he bought himself a computer to help him with his project of becoming a post-production technician... a "special effects guy" ... He has learned everything from the web.  Why go to school and pay $10,000 when you can learn for free or for a cheaper price. 

Six months after, Guillaume Charron posted on this very site, CREATIVE COW, mentioning he was new to the field, but wanted to help anyone who needed him.  That same week, three companies from Montreal answered his post.  Two days later, his demo was on the web. Two days later, he got an interview with one the companies. And on the next Monday he started to work for that company... and still does. The company, BRANDNEWIMAGE, specialized in motion design (and a little bit in compositing), helped him become a better post-production technician.

At the same time, Guillaume Charron was still learning from the web.  Great sites, like CREATIVE COW gave him the chance to upgrade his skills.  In the past three years, he made a lot of T.V. ads and worked on T.V shows doing some keying, compositing and animation using software like After effects, Shake, Nuke, Monet, Final Cut, Cinema 4D and more.

Finally, by doing some tutorials, it is a chance for him to say thanks to all whom, in many ways, helped him.

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Adobe After Effects
Cool Linear Wipe with a Stroke

Cool Linear Wipe with a Stroke
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In this video tutorial, Creative Cow contributing editor Guillaume Charron demonstrates how to add a stroke to a linear wipe.

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Guillaume Charron
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