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Jeff Carpenter
Jeff Carpenter
Red Feather Video
Virginia USA
Virginia USA

Jeff 'officially' started working with video when he took a high school TV production class in the 11th grade. But the truth is that he was using his family (and several action figures) as talent in home movies years before that. The son of a still photographer, Jeff decided to follow in his father's footsteps...only with more frames per second!
Jeff at work
After High School it was only 4 and 1/2 short years of college (American University), part time work as a P.A. (WRC-TV), 1 very odd public access show (Fairfax Public Access), and the occasional wedding video to kill any spare time that might be left over.

Jeff is now a Producer in GEICO's media department. No, he doesn't make the TV commercials, so don't ask about the Gecko. (He's far less interesting in person, anyway.) He DOES get to work on everything else that GEICO produces, however, which is a lot of fun. (Honest! Car insurance doesn't HAVE to be boring!) He's thrilled to be working in an office that's large enough to have its own studio, but small enough that he gets to do a little bit of everything. He enjoys all parts of production, but ENG shooting is Jeff's favorite kind of work.

Jeff also runs one of those husband-and-wife wedding-video companies out of his home. He was lucky enough to marry a woman gullible enough to believe him when he said, "Trust me, video is fun!" She fell for it and they've been shooting weddings ever since. (They've also developed an elaborate language of hand symbols to give each other directions while shooting...only a spouse would put up with something like that.)

Jeff is a total Apple guy even though he's forced to use a PC at work. He figures that it's good to stay fluent in foreign operating systems, but he's always happy to get home to his Mac every night.

Jeff lives in Virginia and commutes through Washington DC every morning to go to work in Maryland. (And walks back into DC for lunch on most days, just to keep things confusing.)

If anyone wants to know more about Jeff, they should probably see a psychiatrist. If the sensation persists, then they are free to visit his web page: http://www.redfeathervideo.com/jeff.html

You can find Jeff Carpenter hosting in Creative COW's and Event Videographers Forum.

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