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Kevin Camp
Kevin Camp
Seattle, Washington USA
Seattle, Washington USA

 I got into broadcast shortly after college. I had a degree in Fine Arts and not a lot of direction and thought I might like to get into film or television (in the mid-90's there wasn't much of a multimedia or web presence). So, I walked into a small Tacoma TV station and talked my way into an unpaid internship in their Art Department. It turned out that the station was moving from Tacoma to Seattle in a few months and they had a designer that was not going to make the move. So they offered me a job, and I've had it for 12 years.

In that time, the small family-owned station has become corporate-owned and has grown to house three stations with three networks, two newscasts, a sports show and occasional specials. And I have moved from designing small projects for Kids Club to full packaging for Newscasts and station packaging. I worked on several award winning projects and have 2 regional Emmy's and a Bronze BDA in addition to many Emmy nominations for my design work.

 In addition to designing, i've found broadcast to be quite interesting. There are seemingly always technical challenges between hardware and software systems, and I seem to be rather technically minded and enjoy troubleshooting and overcoming these issues. That may be part of why I like After Effects and Photoshop so much. Not only are the great design tools, but of all the broadcast paint and animation systems I've used over the years, I've found that After Effects and Photoshop are some of the most flexible tools for accommodating and delivering different formats.
When I'm not designing (or troubleshooting) at work, I spend most of my time with my family. My wife and 2 kids (with a 3rd coming soon in 2009) keep me pretty busy, and there seems to always be something to fix in my old house, or a project to start (or a project to finish). 

I love to learn new things, whether it's how to replace plumbing in my house or new techniques in After Effects. And, also have an interest in teaching. I could easily see myself teaching courses in After Effects or Photoshop or even just a design course in the future, but until then I'll just keep designing, enjoying my family and helping people on Creative COW.   

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