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Simon Bonner
Simon Bonner
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Liverpool, England,  United Kingdom

Simon Bonner holds a PhD in biological sciences and is a published research psychologist whose interests encompass human physical attractivess cues and mating behaviour. The stimuli he uses in his experiments are primarily static images, though many of his studies have incorporated dynamic video stimuli.

It was during the construction of these stimuli that he first developed an interest in video and sound editing. He is self-taught in the use of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, but without the resources available at the Cow he probably wouldn't even know his wiggler from his tracker controls.

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Adobe After Effects
Creating the Juno Opening Credits LookCreating the Juno Opening Credits Look
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The independent film Juno featured one of the most distincitive opening credit sequences in recent memory. It has a wonderful handmade look - which it turned out was created by hand! Whether you have seen Juno or not, Cow leader Simon Bonner shows a much easier way to create unique, handcrafted looks, without the pain.

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Simon Bonner
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