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Roger Bolton Sydney,  Australia

Roger Bolton is a visual effects veteran with over ten years experience as a compositor and online editor.  Starting in Australia doing support and training for Flame systems, he later went on to achieve feature film credits on "Lord of the Rings", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Kingdom of Heaven" among many others as a compositor on flame and shake.

In 2004 Roger started to create realtime visual effects for live events and installations working with the world's number one VJ group "Inside-Us-All" in London.  CoreMelt was started soon after in order to bring his visual effects creations to a wider market of Final Cut Pro and After Effects users.

Roger now runs CoreMelt from Sydney, Australia and continues to design new effects and products while also keeping an involvement in post production and event visuals as a freelancer.

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Apple Final Cut Pro
Vee You: 8 Free Mac Plug-ins for FCP, AE and MotionVee You: 8 Free Mac Plug-ins for FCP, AE and Motion
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VFX artist Roger Bolton has worked on films including The Lord of the Rings, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Kingdom of Heaven. He has also created effects for his own use -- in this case, a wide variety of 2D and 3D VU meters, automatically animated by the audio in your project. He now offers these 8 plug-ins to artists using Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Motion -- with no watermarks, no time limits, no price tag. Please note: these plug-ins are MAC ONLY.

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Roger Bolton
Apple Final Cut Pro
Fast Flowing Montages for FCP & MotionFast Flowing Montages for FCP & Motion

Alongside such compositing projects as The Lord of the Rings and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roger Bolton designs CoreMelt Visual Effects for Final Cut Pro and Motion. They take advantage of Apple's core video technology for amazing high-quality, real-time performance. This tutorial shows you how to harness that power to solve an age-old problem: how to quickly and creatively create image montages. Best of all, you'll find links to free effects filters, exclusively available to Cow readers!

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Roger Bolton
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