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Meet Bryan Michael Block

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Bryan Michael Block
Bryan Michael Block
Columbus, Ohio USA
Columbus, Ohio USA

Brÿan Michael Block
Writer / Actor / Director / Composer / Production Multi-specialist

Brÿan Michael Block has been an active part of the Columbus, Ohio creative community for many years. He has recently consolidated his various talents and creative business endeavors under the company names Shortwave Productions and Shortwave Pictures. Having recently attended film school at American University in Washington, D.C. Brÿan was also a staff member at Columbus, Ohio based Horizons Companies and also worked for SOS Productions.

As a freelancer, Bryan has provided production services for various projects ranging from in-house production for the NHL Columbus Blue Jackets, to working with crews from New York and L.A. on large scale film shoots in Columbus. For nearly fifteen years, Brÿan has been a regular performer in the Columbus and regional music scene, and he now brings that experience to Shortwave Productions, offering music composition, scoring, jingle writing, and audio services. His projects have included scoring for television and creating radio jingles for local businesses. While working with the Greater Columbus Arts Council, where he was an artist member for two years in their acclaimed “Children of the Future” Program, Bryan contributed his skills as a writer, director, and composer by creating and producing two original musical plays for children as well as the video project "Don't let Hate Become a Monster" for the S.A.V.E. foundation. Being a natural performer, Brÿan has branched out into acting, having been featured in several independent films, and has also become a seasoned voice talent, providing voice over and character impersonations for clients such as Chase Manhattan, McGraw-Hill, Southwestern College Publishing, and the Children’s Bible multimedia products.

Brÿan also brings a solid technical skill set to each project, having worked in various capacities ranging from graphic design, digital imaging, editing, audio production, video production and post-production.


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Sony Vegas
Smoke and Fog in Sony Vegas

Smoke and Fog in Sony Vegas

In this tutorial, Bryan Block will walk you step by step through the creation of an opening title reminiscent of the ''X-Files'' television show using Photoshop and your NLE.

Bryan Michael Block
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