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Meet Doug Bischoff

COW Leaders : Doug Bischoff
Creative COW Web Writer, Contributing Editor

Doug Bischoff
Doug Bischoff
Ceridwen Productions
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA

Doug began his career in graphic arts at Applied Graphics Technologies' New York "Super Studio" in the mid-1990's as an Adobe Photoshop retouching artist. After working on some product label editing that involved simple 3D, Doug turned his interest towards that field instead.

A decade later found Doug managing a prepress department for a living, and freelancing as a "communications artist" as his life. Past projects include recording music albums for local folk musical groups, industrial videography, web design, and most recently an ambitious foray into full-fledged film production.

A chance encounter on a discussion board brought Doug into contact with Imagineer Systems, makers of the Mokey software package, and a working relationship developed. Doug has since then worked with the developers at Imagineer on the Macintosh version of Mokey, and is currently assembling a series of tutorials on the use of this amazingly powerful software.

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