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Creative Cow forum host: Lance Bachelder

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Lance Bachelder
Lance Bachelder
Los Angeles, California USA
Los Angeles, California USA

"After seeing Lance online for the last year or so and exchanging ideas with him online, we finally had the chance to meet with Lance Bachelder face-to-face during the 2001 DV Expo in Los Angeles," says Creative Cow's Kathlyn Lindeboom. "A gracious man with an inquisitive nature, we walked around the Expo floor together, digging into new tools like Prismo Graphic's India Pro and exchanging ideas. Both Ron and I came away from the show with even more respect for Lance than we already had for him. He's quite a guy and the experiences that he's had in the Hollywood production community make him a valued addition to the Cow Team."

Hollywood based Lance Bachelder has worked in all phases of film and video production since 1986. He recently completed editing and scoring the controversial feature film "SPECK," based on the true events of Richard Speck, one of America's most infamous serial killers. He also has worked with Steve Oderkerk on many of his projects for the big screen, Nickolodeon Channel, and other projects.

Lance is an expert in independent feature production and post-production and has earned major credits on over a dozen independent feature films in the past three years alone. His work includes title design, editing, post sound mixing, original music, cinematography and directing. Last year, his award-winning PSA for the AAFA featuring hip-hop star Coolio received over 1 billion viewer impressions across every major television market in the U.S.

About himself, Lance says: "I guess you could call me a 'Digital Handyman.' I work in Hollywood and make my living in all phases of production including director, writer, cinematographer, editor, motion graphics and post-production supervisor. I've worked on independent feature films, broadcast television, music videos, sports and corporate video. I'm half artist, half techno-geek and have been working with film, video and computers since film school in the mid 80's."

Lance's broad experience gives him a wealth of knowledge that he's quick to share with others and lately that experience centers around Vegas Video, about which Lance says: "In the past year or two, I've completed many projects using Sonic Foundry's Vegas Video. It's an incredible tool."

Lance is also founder of the Southern California Vegas User Group which serves video and audio professionals and enthusiasts who use any of Sony Creative's software products, such as Vegas.

Lance also builds and configures all of his own editing systems and has over 15 years of experience using both Mac and Windows systems.

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