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Creative COW Magazine Writer, Web Writer, Contributing Editor

MacDonald King Aston
MacDonald King Aston
A Word Apart
Lafayette, Colorado USA
Lafayette, Colorado USA

MacDonald King Aston is a highly skilled communicator whose business is writing. Whether it is of a technical nature or one of the creative venues, such as advertising messages, defining abstract concepts or designs, Mac draws on his many years as a writer and the wide range of projects he has worked on over the years.

Mac is a skilled user of tools such as Adobe FrameMaker, Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign and many other tools.

Mac's company, A Word Apart, serves a wide range of clients in corporate and institutional circles, and he has written for many magazines and periodicals including Creative COW Magazine.

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Business & Marketing
Communicating Ideas That Sell

Communicating Ideas That Sell

Moneymaking tips from a professional advertising writer. Chances are, your business has a website. Has it ever brought you a client? Has a brochure ever won you new business? If they haven't, you are probably breaking one or more of the rules that Mac lays out in this article. Even if you have gained paying clients but still want more, then you will want to read this article - it's a moneymaker.

Mack Aston
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