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Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson
Video/Motion Graphics Artist, Arizona Final Cut Pro Users\' Group
Phoenix, Arizona USA
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Scott Anderson has been a Video Production Specialist for the State of Arizona since 1995. He is a founding member of the Arizona Final Cut Pro Users' group.

Starting as a P.A. for the feature film "Raising Arizona", Scott has worked in film and video production since 1986. He is a Telly and MCAI award-winning videographer and editor, won best short at the Sedona Film Festival and has been a Project Greenlight Top 200 Finalist. He was also the co-writer, editor and FX Supervisor for the popular internet spoof "Film Club".

Scott jumped headlong into nonlinear editing with a first-generation Media100 and a little-known program called CoSa AfterEffects, and was soon busy conforming a 16mm short film and discovering the wonders of motion graphics.

"There's never been a better time to be a filmmaker or video artist. Now that video technology is intrinsically tied to advances in computing, we all get the benefits of Moore's Law and the breathtaking pace of technological growth. DV sparked a revolution in video production, and now the same type of revolution is happening with HD. If I was a film student today, instead of scraping together money for film stock and processing, I'd be shooting my first feature in HD. Now that's incredible".

Although Scott has cut on a variety of nonlinear systems, he is now firmly committed to Final Cut Pro.

"As an editor, you can learn a tool that will scale all the way from inexpensive DV production all the way to feature film work. You can customize the way you want to work, and have an open, flexible application that's just getting better with every new release. Apple's Final Cut Pro is the best tool that editors have ever had at their disposal, period".

You can see some examples of his work at: http://members.cox.net/trott10/

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