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Ron Anderson
Ron Anderson
Sugar Hill, Georgia US
Sugar Hill, Georgia US

RON ANDERSON started in the film business in 1974 working his way up through Allied Film Laboratory in Detroit, as a film animation-stand operator, film timer, and Telecine colorist. He then worked for CBS/Fox transferring many feature films for the home video market, including the James Bond films The Spy Who Loved Me, and The Man With The Golden Gun. 

Ron has worked as senior colorist, and supervisor of the film department for Grace & Wild Studios in Detroit, and senior colorist for Editel in Chicago where his commercial clients included GM, Ford, McDonalds, AT&T, Sears, Marlboro and others. Ron has worked as a national consultant for both Philips Quadra and DaVinci Systems and premiered the first Spirit Datacine in Los Angeles.  

In 1995 Ron joined CineFilm where he helped design, build, and manage two fully digital Telecine suites.  In 2009, with the launching of his own business, COLORAMA, Ron continues to expand his artistry, working with 4K imagery using Apple COLOR, in a professionally designed studio.  

His personal interests include jazz (he played saxophone and flute professionally in Detroit), sailing, cooking, and entertaining with his wife, Marilyn, of 35years.

Ron Anderson
You can find Ron Anderson hosting in Creative COW's and DaVinci Resolve Forum.

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