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Meet Rick Amundson

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Rick Amundson
Rick Amundson
Des Moines, Iowa USA
Des Moines, Iowa USA

Rick Amundson at work in the field

Rick moved back to Iowa, attended the University of Iowa and received a BA in Film and Broadcasting. While attending U of I, Rick produced and directed two award-winning short films, Reflections of Death and Lightning. He directed a critically and financially successful stage production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (including four original songs) and created the monthly cable access show, Mature Focus, for the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center. He continued to act, playing the roles of Alan in Peter Shaffer’s Equus and Tom in Tennessee William’s The Glass Menagerie.

In 1998, Rick formed Bravo Romeo Entertainment to produce and direct films. The Audition received several awards from the CRI Fest including Best Short of 2001 and several IMPA Awards including the Award of Excellence for Short Film. His next film, Power of Love, received 7 IMPA Awards and was an Official Selection at the CRI Fest.

Rick Amundson also works as a Director/Director of Photography at Screenscape Studios, Iowa’s largest full service production company. He has worked on hundreds of productions for such notable clients as McDonald's, Pepsi, the Senior PGA Tour, Hallmark, Pioneer and Ruan. For the past few years Rick has shot the weekly series Powerhouse for Alliant Energy and was Director/DP on the Hi-Def films The Iowa Experience and The Spirit of Competition for the Iowa Hall of Pride.

Indelible is Rick’s feature film debut. He worked on the original concept with screenwriter Steve Hakeman for 2 years. The film was shot in 12 days in July 2005, utilizing a national pool of talent from Los Angeles to New York. “It was amazing to me how many people from across the country were interested in helping with this film,” Amundson said. “I think the subject matter is very current and really strikes a chord with people.”

You can find Rick Amundson hosting in Creative COW's and Cinematography Forum.

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