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Meet: Rafael Amador

COW Leaders : Rafael Amador
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Rafael Amador
Rafael Amador
Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos)
Vientiane,  Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos)

Rafael Amador is one of the most frequent posters in Creative COW and is one of our most helpful members. When we wrote Rafael asking him to consider joining the COW Team as we would be proud to add him to the Team, he wrote back telling us that he "...felt like a boy with a new pair of shoes. It is a real honor to be accepted among the leaders in Creative COW." But we had been reading Rafael's helpful posts for a long time and when it came time to add a new leader to the COW's Final Cut forum -- our most popular forum, which gets tens of thousands of visitors each day -- the logical choice was Rafael Amador.

Rafael hails from the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos), a beautiful land in southeast Asia. Rafael is an editor/producer who works in the Vientiane province of the Lao nation.

His company, Nagavideo, specializes in documentaries, video reports, news, educational and promotional videos. With 23 years of experience in television and video, his work is quite beautiful, as a visit to his website will show. Nagavideo produces films, as well as audio and video editing. From shooting (taping or filming) to the final broadcast-ready master  (HD & SD), output to Bluray Disk, DVD or versioned for download from your web site. The company also collaborates with the best contract sources within Laos and the neighboring countries for audio production and graphic design.

He works with both a desktop Mac and a MacBook Pro, though he says that he took to wearing glasses waiting for replacement parts from Apple when his Cinema Display's resolution began getting very fuzzy.

We are honored to have Rafael Amador as a part of the Creative COW Team and look forward to working with him in the days ahead.


You can find Rafael Amador hosting in Creative COW's Sony EX, FS5/FS7 & Related, and Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy Forums.

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