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Meet Tony Agliata, CreativeCOW Contributing Editor

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Creative COW Contributing Editor

Tony Agliata
Tony Agliata
I & Eye Productions
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Tony Agliata is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been working in the Television / Video Production field for the last 15 years.  He has been using After Effects since v3.0.

Concentrating on Motion Graphics, Tony has worked on local and national commercial projects, visual support for large corporate events and sporting events, and independent films. One of three owners of I & Productions, Tony oversees all art direction, and manages the motion graphics and visual effects department.

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Articles by Tony Agliata

Create Lottery Balls with ParticularCreate Lottery Balls with Particular

In this tutorial, CreativeCOW contributing editor Tony Agliata demonstrates how simple expressions can generate multiple custom particles in Particular to create an animation of bouncing, floating Ping Pong balls--similar to a those in a lottery drawing.

Tony Agliata
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