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Meet Douglas Spotted Eagle

COW Leaders : Douglas Spotted Eagle
Creative COW Forum Host, Author

Douglas Spotted Eagle
Douglas Spotted Eagle
Sundance Media Group
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Douglas Spotted Eagle is a giant in the video and audio industries, having received Grammy, Emmy, DuPont, Peabody, and many other awards. His music is heard in a wide range of films from "Last Samurai" to "Star Wars-Ewok" cartoons. His biggest project of 2005 is his musical compositions for PBS monster "The War that Made America," and in 2006 contributed several score pieces to "Lost Landscapes, another PBS full-run, which has been nominated for an Emmy.

Spot may also be found in the various forums as a host on subjects from compositing, HDV, Sony Vegas, to audio engineering. He also has won many awards for his documentaries, including "Toubat: A Journey of the Native American Flute" and "The Way of the Powwow." His Azee' Choo'nii'gii' is the first film produced in the Dine' language.

Douglas has authored several books, the first of which was published world-wide when he was 18 years of age. His technical books include subjects such as Apple's Soundtrack, Sony's Vegas, Adobe's Encore, and DV Basics, and author of the industry best-selling "HDV: What You NEED to Know," and "Instant Vegas."

As a VASST trainer, Douglas has been around the world several times over. Training in areas as diverse as Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Guatemala, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Russia, England, Germany, France, Holland, Israel, Canada, Japan, he has gained a powerful understanding of what people want to know, and how they'd like to best learn it. A dynamic speaker, an inspiration to the industry, and a doer rather than a talker, Douglas simply is wonderful to experience. Catch this guy where you can, because he never stays in one place very long.

Douglas is also an aerial camera operator, and has produced training videos on skydiving/aerial camera work. He is one of the first skydivers to fly HD camcorders.

Spot trains in the Sound Forge, ACID, Vegas, HDV, Power Production Techniques, Now Hear This Audio sessions, and Streaming VASST classes.

You can find Douglas hosting in the Sony Vegas, Sony DV and HDV Format forums.

You can find Douglas Spotted Eagle hosting in Creative COW's HDV Format, and Sony DV Forums.

Douglas Spotted Eagle Profile

Articles by Douglas Spotted Eagle

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The Sony FDR-AX1 & Your 4K Future The Sony FDR-AX1 & Your 4K Future

Even though it's not yet a broadcast format, 4K production has been happening every day for years -- delivered as HD. It offers the same advantages that early HD production offered for SD delivery, including beautiful downscaling and a measure of future-proofing. Looking for a flexible, affordable way to jumpstart your 4K future? Join longtime Creative COW leader Douglas Spotted Eagle for a look at Sony's FDR-AX1 camcorder.

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DreamSpeakers On Tour: Budding Aboriginal Filmmakers DreamSpeakers On Tour: Budding Aboriginal Filmmakers

In this article, VASST's Douglas Spotted Eagle, takes COW members inside the DreamSpeakers On Tour. DreamSpeakers is a three-weekend project where students meet with professionals in the film/video industry and learn their craft, beginning from the ground floor of film making. Budding Aboriginal filmmakers and Dreamspeakers work together to produce first films for youth, by youth, and the program has kicked off to a great start.

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